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Connecticut Restaurant Association has endorsed Datapay

Connecticut Restaurant Association

The Connecticut Restaurant Association (CRA) announced in June 2010 that Datapay Payroll has been selected as the only endorsed payroll provider of the CRA. Datapay works with many CRA members who are extremely satisfied with the level of service and significant cost savings provided.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

What is any business looking for from a service company? Why would a business want to go through the process of changing from one service provider to another? I’ll answer for you: Better service, Reliability, Better price/value, Expertise in their field, A company that truly treats your business needs as though they are their own. This describes DataPay to a “T.” I know from personal experience that DataPay satisfies each of the needs mentioned above. A company I worked for switched from one of the big, national payroll companies and, following the change, the reaction from our office mgr. was telling…more personalized service, lower cost, willing to do extra things without asking for extra $, on-time, very helpful. Oh, and an actual person, who can help right away, answers my call…no phone prompts, canned messages. These are good people who genuinely care about your business and your payroll needs. I highly recommend them.

— Curt P.

Over the past twenty years, I have trusted Keith and his staff to accurately take care of my payroll and tax reporting compliance. We have never had more than five employees, but Datapay is so responsive to a small businesses needs, I always feel like I am their only client.

Many nights I spent looking at tables, trying to figure out withholding and quarterly filing amounts. Once it was left to Datapay, I was able to put the stress of getting it right for my employees in the past.

If you are looking for a business partner to handle your payroll, Datapay delivers.

— Glenn C.

We have been using Datapay since 2004 for all of our payroll needs. We receive the best service.  All of the staff are professional and are willing and able to answer all of our numerous questions and don’t hesitate to make changes when we need them at the last minute.  Carol should be especially commended for her helpful demeanor and knowledge.

— Katie P.

I have been using Datapay for over 16 years. They are dependable & affordable. Professional people in a business where they have to be.

— Russ M.

I meet with many payroll providers in my line of work and the attention to detail, personal touch and professionalism is what sets Datapay apart. They’re attentive and care about the businesses they serve. We use their services for our company and refer our best clients to them. I would highly recommend Datapay to any business who wants a payroll company that works with them rather than for them.

— Steve B.

I was frankly nervous about moving our payroll system, because an orchestra payroll is exceptionally complex. We essentially have a different mix of musicians on stage for every concert. Some of them are local professionals, while others may be from foreign countries, or students here with visas – attention to detail is critical. Our transition to Datapay went much more smoothly than I ever imagined it could, and I consider this one of the smartest business decisions I made in 2013.

— Rhonda H.

As a small growing business, we have had anywhere from 1 person on payroll to 4 people and we never get treated like we are anything but a company that could have 50 people!  What I like most is the personal relationship I have been able to develop with the Datapay employees. Polly is truly a fantastic woman to work with weekly and she has gone above and beyond for me at times running out to the mail box to stop a check from going out! Truly a great company,  it shocks me that EVERYONE is not using Datapay

— Melissa S.

I want to say thank you for the quality services you have provided our golf club over the years.  Datapay has exceeded our expectations with superior customer service and timely processing of all filing requirements. The online payroll reporting is very user friendly.

Staying local is the way to go, the management and personnel are professional, innovative, easy to work with and responsive. They have gone above & beyond the ordinary scope of duty and have helped me out many times.

It is a pleasure to work with the staff of Datapay.

— Donna E.

I have been in the restaurant business for almost 30 years and have used large (national) and small payroll companies. After using Datapay for almost a year, I will never even talk to another company. Their price structure is extremely competitive, but the support and online ease of use is amazing. I highly recommend Datapay.

— John C.

We are super satisfied with Datapay!

— Terri B.

Datapay has been doing my payroll for the last 9 years. During that time the service from them has been impeccable. They answer any and all questions I have regarding my payroll. Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. Occasionally I receive a call from a competing payroll service trying to solicit my business. I invariably decline. Their staff is friendly and courteous and a pleasure to speak with. I highly recommend their services to any business who wants a reliable and competent payroll service.

— Anthony L.

We have been using Datapay for many years and have loved working with the company. The staff is very professional and always has the answers to our questions. Payroll is on-time, reporting is accurate and the turnaround time for special requests is very quick! We frequently get calls offering quotes on payroll and we tell them we are 110% satisfied with our service from Datapay and not interested in switching. We highly recommend Datapay!

— Noelle D.

I resisted changing from my accountant to Datapay. It was a mistake to wait because of all the advantages that seemed at the time too good to be true.

I no longer have to calculate employee hours, wait for an email from my accountant, and then write payroll checks. Additionally, with Datapay, I no longer wait for the quarterly withholding reports to send to the appropriate agency. Not only do I save time, using Datapay costs me less and is so much more professional, as my employees now benefit from direct deposits.

On a service level, for any changes that need to be note, Datapay recognizes and addresses them within the hour, regardless of whether changes are noted by me online or through a call to customer service.

I could not be more pleased with the services provided through Datapay.

— Gerry B.

We have been using Datapay for the past 4 years and would not even consider switching!  We do payroll for 10 companies and over 500 employees.  I have used  both the “Large National  Payroll Companies” and the “Small Local Companies” in the past.  We are so happy with the level of individual service and professionalism from Datapay and can rely on them to make our payroll process easy and stress free.

It is great to work with a company that knows you by name and knows your businesses as well as you do.  They have caught many errors even before we were able to.   If we have a special request or something that was overlooked on our end, Datapay is always there to assist or fix the situation immediately.  Whenever I call Datapay, someone always answers the phone – I have never been put into a voicemail or automated system.  I know I can get a hold of someone immediately if I have an urgent request and it will be taken care of right away.

I highly recommend Datapay for any and all of your payroll needs.

— Denise V.